Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tulsa skyline pictures view from the the Tulsa river park pedestrian bridge of the city is the best one. By John Shoemaker.
 Tulsa pictures and stock photography by John Shoemaker.

Tulsa pictures a photograph of the Great spirit a American Indian looking for direction and guidance from above. Arms out stretched make a great image. By John Shoemaker Tulsa Oklahoma.
Tulsa pictures

Tulsa picture downtown view from Boston ave looking north a vertical image showing the BOK building Atlas Life and several art deco buildings, Photography by John Shoemaker
 Tulsa pictures

Tulsa picture a image taken in a drizzling rain at dusk look at all the lights in the city that are on. Tulsa Oklahoma has a great blend of new and art deco buildings which makes the city unique. By John Shoemaker
  Tulsa skyline pictures.

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