Friday, September 23, 2016

High school senior portrait ideas for girls.  
  Tulsa high school senior girls want fun, creative and glam senior portraits.  Keep in mind when selecting your wardrobe; you will want an outfit that says fun. Bring accessories and a very pretty outfit for your glamor picture. We have some great ideas how to make it happen.  A mix of fun, fashion and classic portraiture is what we do best.
  I love to show seniors and their mothers the images on the back of the camera to show how well they are doing, this builds their confidence and in turn, makes a memorable and stress-free fun high school senior experience.

This fall, as usual, the Tulsa high school seniors are wanting to show their own individuality for the yearbook pictures so we have found some very creative photography techniques that can be done in our studio. These techniques work out well when the use of a prop it Is included in the photo session such as a musical instrument or sports equipment is involved in the photo shoot. We use dramatic lighting to pull off that rock star and movies set feeling to the pictures. After effects filters make a very exciting final image you can view these images in detail at our website.  To Learn More About Award-Winning Photography " 2016-17 special , Please
check out our website at. Call John shoemaker 918 808 6092 to schedule your High School Senior Portraits. Be sure and check out our website  #TulsaSeniorPictures #TulsaHighSchoolSeniorPortraits # #portrailphotographertulsaOk, #TulsaSchools #SapulpaHighSchool #OwassoHighSchool #SandSpringsSchool @BrokenArrowschool #GlenpoolHighschool # #SkiatookHighSchool

Monday, September 12, 2016

The prettiest high school senior portraits in Tulsa Oklahoma are often taken in the fall. With all the yellows and red foliage, it makes a splendid background. This is the kind of picture is lovely for a wall portrait. When the background is very busy is Best to choose clothes without patterns in them. Denim jackets and shirts look great, this would also be a good time to go for a Bohemian look. The foliage at Tulsa's Woodward Park looks excellent early in the morning and late in the evening. We are having a 2016 fall special check out our website at. Call John shoemaker 918 808 6092 to schedule your photo shoot. Be sure and check out our website  #TulsaSeniorPictures #TulsaHighSchoolSeniorPortraits # #portrailphotographertulsaOk, #TulsaSchools #SapulpaHighSchool #OwassoHighSchool #SandSpringsSchool @BrokenArrowschool #GlenpoolHighschool # #SkiatookHighSchool