Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Photographing Tulsa high school senior boys is a challenge they would like to get their pictures taken as quick as possible. Learning how to move along at a quick pace they will begin to relax and then is when I do my best work. I have learned it is better to get a good expression and maybe not get the pose just perfect. Through years of experience, I have learned to step up and give direction even placing their hands where they should be. A little quick one liner will break the tension and If you're quick you can capture the moment but if you wait they will get stiff and the picture will look contrived and not natural.

Learning how to take pictures of high school seniors with their musical instruments in the studio can pay big rewards if they look creative and original not copy cat. Dramatic lighting in the studio is what I have found my Tulsa high school seniors like best. We are the Tulsa experts at photographing public speakers and actors for their portfolios so this gives us an advantage when photographing Tulsa high school seniors. John Shoemaker is a Professional Photographers of America Master Photographer contact us for the very finest pictures. Call 918 808 6092