Monday, December 22, 2014

This skyline of Tulsa Oklahoma at night was taken on a very clear night. The picture of the skyline, shows the moon, stars and planets if you look close the big dipper is showing. I like how the clouds show in front of the moon. By John Shoemaker M.Photog CPP

A picture of the Tulsa skyline standing on the hill at Central Park it shows how this stream meanders thru the park. Walking long pathway there are many different views of the city this picture would look Great framed put on a Office or conference room wall as fine art.


Thursday, December 18, 2014

New Tulsa skyline picture, photographed in front of the Tulsa BOK Center. This picture shows all the new buildings, the moon ay night adds a nice touch.
New modern wall art of the (Tulsa skyline) great decoration for the upscale conference room or lobby Tulsa cityscapes. By John Shoemaker

Spectacular views of the Tulsa skyline, Central  Park is an ideal location for such special occasions, a great place to make new friends. View the downtown Tulsa skyline at night one of the best cityscape angles.

It is well designed for walking, biking, and other activities. It is a fantastic amenity right in the middle of the city. If you are visiting the city include this as one of your stopping places.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

View of Tulsa skyline this picture of Tulsa is from the boulder bridge.

This is the best picture of the Tulsa skyline at night with all the city lights on. This picture was taken from the boulder bridge at twilight showing all the city lights on. This picture with all the lights makes our city look alive. Tulsa has turned the corner for updating and making all the new additions, which makes Tulsa one of the most livable cities in America.
Tulsa now has the BOK center, if you like opera, ballet and orchestral music and world class museums and art Tulsa has it. A new ball park and the Guthery Green, best of all is the meeting place development at 31st and riverside. New business start up take a good look at Tulsa, clean quality of life above average, Tulsan's benefit from the second shortest commute time a cost of living 9 percent below the national average.      

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tulsa photo restoration, It's more work than the average person thinks it took just over four hours. The hardest part was replicating the missing dress part. It will bring back fond memories. Tulsa photo restoration service is able to digital repair old worn faded and cracked pictures, and we are the acknowledged experts in photo restoration. Our advanced photo restoration techniques allow us to return nearly any photo to their former glory. A 1 Tulsa Photo 918 808 6092

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Tulsa-skyline-picture of Tulsa at night a blue moon picture. This picture was taken from the Tulsa river park bridge. Photo by Professional photographer John Shoemaker

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tulsa Senior Portrait Photography At its Finest.

The one thing I'm going to be sure of in posing a guy for his senior portrait is he is not going to be posed like a dork. The cap and gown picture was taken at the park.
Why you hire a professional photographer to take your senior pictures.. I think the first thing is posing, what to do with the hands, turning the shoulders getting the just right expression coming up with creative ideas with the ability to execute them.

Tulsa high school senior portrait photography has changed from the standard head shot in the studio. A 1 Tulsa Photo captures who the senior is, showing their likes and personality, in a unique artistic style. We are the most sought after Tulsa senior portrait photographer, Specializing in a personalized experience, Look at our rockstar and glamour images, we make your senior portrait experience fun and interesting. 
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 Tulsa Senior Portrait Photography At its Finest.
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Our second location was in downtown Tulsa, giving him a chance to take advantage of the city's unique urban appeal. 

Tulsa's Park's are those little gems that not a lot of people know about, we know the best places it is great for natural outdoor Senior Pictures. 

Senior portrait studio providing creative and modern senior pictures for High School seniors and teens in the Greater Tulsa and Broken Arrow area.

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Tulsa Senior Portrait Photography At its Finest.
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