Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tulsa skyline looking north this image has had a lot of photoshop

Tulsa skyline showing art deco buildings.
 The Art Deco movement came in to vogue 
just as the oil money in Tulsa began to flow like gusher.
This view of Tulsa shows a small part of the
Art Deco buildings. Photo by John Shoemaker

Tulsa skyline downtown looking south the reflections 
add a nice touch to the picture. By John Shoemaker 

Tulsa skyline at night looking north

Tulsa pictures used for design and decoration in business.

The tulsa skyline viewed from just north of Tulsa driller stadium.

Tulsa Leake Auction brochure to sell classic automobiles.

Tulsa skyline looking south a new picture of 
Tulsa showing some of the new building that make up the Tulsa skyline. 

A view of the Tulsa skyline showing the Tulsa BOK center with the Tulsa skyline in the background. The picture of Tulsa was taken at dusk. By John Shoemaker

Tulsa looking north the sky  was very pretty early in the morning. 
The Tulsa skyline picture shows very well with all the lights on. 

This Tulsa skyline picture was taken from the Tulsa river park
 pedestrian bridge. All the new Tulsa buildings show in this picture. By John Shoemaker

Tulsa picture, a man showing this children cool wall. It is sad that it is deterring and in a few years it will be gone. Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day for years had a poster made on this wall and for some reason they quit painting them. There’s always something going on at Guthrie Green and it’s always free.  I'm quite sure many Tulsans have not seen the Green and you are missing out  plus it is free. By John Shoemaker

Juneteenth, the Tulsa Picture shows old posters for the annual celebration of freedom and heritage on the Guthrie Green stage, 111 E. Brady St. All the performances and workshops are free.

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