Sunday, May 8, 2016

Tulsa Ok. Senior class portraits | 2017 senior special | summer specials | Tulsa senior portrait photographers

Your senior year of high school is an exciting and busy time.  While making the most of your last year with good friends and classmates you will face many important decisions. As you anticipate attaining “senior” status, all of us at A 1 Tulsa  Photo are here to help you make the right choice  for senior portrait photography. Call today 918 808 6092 to book your Summer Portrait Session.
  With more than 30 years of senior photography experience, these sessions generate as much excitement for me today as they did when I first began. Because we are parents of high school graduates and photographic professionals, we've been through almost everything your senior year can bring. So, when it comes to your portrait needs this year, we've been there and done the homework for you.You need to know your school’s yearbook deadlines and requirements.We can help you. We stay in contact with yearbook advisors to make sure your retouched portrait arrives when it’s needed. Some of the Tulsa aria schools have different dead lines Just be sure you don't cut it to close We are here to help A 1 Tulsa Photo 918 808 6092

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